Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mind Mapping - does it work?

Like many people I have been sceptical about Mind Maps until I started using the concept myself. I am not a very visual person so I tend to outline information I want to learn rather than create a map however the concept is the same. Theo however is very visual and very tactile, therefore creating pictures which can be moved around seems a logical step but how do we know if it is working?

Over breakfast this morning I asked Theo where hedgehogs live and without thinking he replied correctly. I then asked why a hedgehog has prickles and he proceeded be demonstrate how a hedgehog curls up into a ball so the prickles stick out. Although we had not created the picture yet he also remembered they had poor eyesight, because he remembered our discussion on drawing a hedgehog with glasses. The image was clearly in his head although not yet committed to paper.

Whilst this is very early days it is something that we will continue to see how far we can take it. After all if Boeing can use the concept to save an estimated $11 million in training engineers we should be able to advantage of it in educating a child.

If you are not familiar with Mind Mapping there is a book by the inventor Tony Buzan called "The Mind Map Book" which I would recommend.

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