Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Afternoon tea at ours - Wednesday 30th September

A bit of a crafty day.

Amongst other things, while waiting for his guests to arrive Theo made food with playdough, leaving me free to pack up the many sales that I had accumulated today and pop out for cakes for our tea.

We had Guy and his mum Charlotte and sister Bebe over to play. Charlotte and I met at the recent Godstone Fire Station trip, and although our paths had crossed previously had not spoken in depth before. Realising that the boys were similar age with a similar disposition felt it would be worth getting them together. Theo is never keen on large crowds and hates the noise of large gatherings and we have now learnt that it is best to introduce new people into our circle of friends on our own home territory.

The boys got on and played well together from the moment that Guy arrived. As a break from playing they made felt puppets, one each, sharing the one needle, taking turns. Theo chose a duck, Guy the frog and his sister the bear.

When it was time for Guy to go home the pair were deeply engrossed in the task of making vehicles out of lego and k-nex.

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