Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leeds Castle Day Out Friday 25th September 2009

Kevin has annual leave from work at the moment so we took a day out as a family and Leeds Castle proved a great destination.

We arrived before lunch, and enjoyed the organised talk at 12 noon in the bird aviary by one of the keepers. The talk was informative and interesting, containing anecdotes about the behaviours of the birds. The birds are bred in captivity and shared with other zoos around the world. Theo was especially taken with the Kookaburras, having been given a toy one the week before by his grandparents. He has became quite good at mimicking their call.

After a sandwich lunch in the open air we watched a falcon display. The castle has a moat using water that has been diverted from the local river. Theo learnt about the defence of a castle using a moat, and the reason for the Portcullis. After a walk around the grounds and the maze we relaxed in the children's recreation area.

On the way out of the estate at the end of the day we were lucky enough to see a hot air ballon being filled with air, and had we stayed longer, we could have seen it evenually take off.

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