Thursday, July 4, 2013

Theo skates Gangnam Style

After a long break from blogging, it is time to add a few posts of Theo's recent activities.  Theo has continued to work on his ice dance, performing a program to Gangnam Style at the Christmas show 2012 at Brixton Ice Rink.  The program can be viewed on YouTube.  The program was further developed to Level 2 standard and used when he took and passed his Level 2 NISA tests.  

This year for the first time Theo entered 2 competitions.  The first was Bracknell Solo IJS 2013.  He entered at Pre-Juvenile level and was placed 4th in the Pattern Dance and 3rd in his Free Dance.  Photos can be viewed here.  Pattern Dance Photos and Free Dance Photos.  A week later he entered the Oxford Open Ice Dance 2013 in the Pre-Juvenile Men class and was placed 1st for Pattern Dance and 3rd for his Free Dance.  Oxford Photos.

Theo is currently working for his Level 3 Nisa tests and working on a program for the Summer show, skating to Party Rock.