Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skiing Holiday contined...

After ski school on day one, we all went back up the mountain to a cafe for a drink.  Unfortunately we missed the last lift down so this outing entailed skiing down a blue run after just one day's lessons.  

Theo didn't have enough skill to do this, so was skied down by his Dad but the older members of our team managed...just.

On the second day, we returned up the mountain in the evening for a brilliant skiing display by all the ski instructors.  This showed the history of skiing, and was very entertaining.

By Wednesday unfortunately Theo had a cold, so did the morning lesson, but by lunchtime was not happy to return to class.  After a late lunch where he had the best ice cream in his life, we went swimming in the hotel spa.

Theo did Thursday's class, then spent the afternoon with his brother, who had by that time finished his 3 day snowboard course, and friday was spend as a family on the mountain, investigating the sister resort.  Theo overall was not too sure that he liked skiing, but understandable however with his cold.  We will organise some lessons at the snow dome in Hemel before skiing next year.  Friday afternoon was spent making a snowman, while we took turns to stay with him leaving the others to ski as a party.  

Gains from the holiday:  The chance to fly in an aeroplane for the 1st time since he was a baby, made friends in class, stayed in a hotel, was part of a group, learnt to ski - would have done more but for the cold, learnt about different currencies.

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